Express Rent a Cheap Car – vehicles we offer

Express Rent a Cheap Car – vehicles we offer

As you can see on our website, we – Express Rent a Cheap Car – offer you a lot of different vehicles for rent when you are on your business trip, or any other kind of a trip. You can pick from a wide range of choices, so make sure that the vehicle you choose is the right one for your trip.

Suzuki Swift, Ford Focus and similar

At it’s core, Suzuki Swift offers a light, compact body, great styling and dynamic performance and handling. It’s a perfect car for driving around with your friends (i.e. for traveling in a crew) because it is spacious, yet compact and suitable for long or short trips, especially through the city. Ford Focus is a classy and innovative car for that is suitable for almost every use. It is also a vehicle that is good, but not perfect, for longer rides and for larger groups of people. It has a powerful engine which means it’s very fast, but it’s also very environment-friendly, making it an ideal sports car intended for urban driving. Check out our Suzuki Swift, Ford Focus and similar rental deals.

Nissan Sentra, Hyundai Accent and similar

Nissan Sentra is a mid-size vehicle that is roomy, relatively big and cozy, making it great for longer drives. You won’t regret renting this car because it has a powerful engine and a lot of room for you and your co-travelers. Also, this car is considered a luxury vehicle because of its very good overall characteristics. On the other hand, you have a Hyundai Accent to rent if you are searching for an alternative mid-size car. This vehicle also has a lot of good characteristics, it is very modern and it can take up to five people for any kind of a ride. Check out our Nissan Sentra, Hyundai Accent and similar rental deals.

Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic and similar

Toyota Corolla is a full-size vehicle, intended for lots of travelers and for longer rides. It has the elegant style of a limousine, sophisticated aerodynamics and iconic interior design. It is a legendary vehicle, which reflects it’s premium quality from inside out. The class-leading cabin space, great seating comfort, innovative technologies and optimized engine all attribute to provide a whole new dimension of driving fun. Honda Civic is a car with impressive handling and supreme comfort. It is a sedan, which makes it ideal for longer drives and it can, like other cars from this category, take in a lot of travelers. At the same time, engineers have found the ideal balance between handling and comfort in Honda Civic, which makes it capable of providing incredible driving pleasure. Check out our Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic and similar rental deals.

Toyota Camry, Ford Taurus and similar

Toyota Camry is a very beautiful car, both externally and internally. It has a lot of space in the cabin, revised suspension and a very powerful engine. Its design makes a really powerful impression and its attributes and characteristics are on the cutting edge of what Japanese technology has to offer. Ford Taurus is also a mix of strong, robust looks and powerful performance. It is a car that is truly stunning and the best thing to do with it is to take a sit behind the wheel and see what the Taurus is capable of and what it’s all about. Check out our Toyota Camry, Ford Taurus and similar rental deals.

Mazda Miata, Ford Mustang and similar

Mazda Miata is one of the best sports cars in the world! It features a perfect combination of a high performance engine and other high quality attributes. However, its performance doesn’t just come from what’s under the hood – it also comes from the way that it works with every other aspect of the car. And it works brilliantly, which is why this considered to be a perfect sports car for fast driving and long rides. Similar vehicles to Mazda Miata are other fast and stylish sports cars, and one of them (and probably the best) is the Ford Mustang. This legendary and iconic car has awesome performance and an eye-catching style that will certainly turn a few heads. The Mustang truly is an all American legend and an impressive sports car that will make your trip feel grand.

Check out our Mazda Miata, Ford Mustang and similar rental deals.

Toyota Sienna, Town & Country and similar

These kind of vehicles are intended for longer drives and for groups of people that count more than four or five members. Toyota Sienna is a mini van that is very comfortable and stylish. It features a roomy cockpit and makes anyone in the vehicle feel like a VIP, especially the person driving. It’s very entertaining car that can take up to eight travelers. Town & Country mini van is a very modern Chrysler vehicle featuring some of the finest technology. It has an award winning design and it’s very powerful and cozy, which makes it a perfect vehicle for many travelers and for bigger groups of travelers on any kind of a trip, especially the long lasting ones. Check out our Toyota Sienna, Town & Country and similar rental deals.

Paul Walia
General Manager