Ford Mustang — A Tribute to the American Legend

Ford Mustang — A Tribute to the American Legend

Did you know that Ford Mustang has been in continuous production for more than 50 years? That’s a pretty impressive streak and we believe it deserves an hommage. So, what is it exactly that made Ford Mustang into such a legend?

Mustang’s original design has its foundations in the Ford Falcon platform, a compact car that lived to see three generations in the 60’s. The original Mustang concept car was a two-seater, but later evolved into a four-seater — both were used to pretest the public’s interest in the first production of the Mustang. That was in 1963 — over half a century ago — and Ford Mustang is currently in its sixth generation with no sign of stopping. It’s safe to say the public embraced the Mustang wholeheartedly. Ford Mustang started a whole new class of American automobiles — the so-called pony car — affordable, sporty coupés with long hoods and short rear decks, which later spawned other American classics, such as Chevy Camaro, Pontiac Firebird, Chrysler’s Plymouth Barracuda and Dodge Challenger.

First Generation (1964–1973)

Launched in 1964, the first generation was a massive success. The model owes its name to John Najjar, Ford’s stylist and one of Mustang’s prototype designers, who suggested the name out of his love for the World War II fighter plane. Mustang’s appearance in the 1964 Bond movie Goldfinger only spurred its success. Each consecutive model was sportier, allowed for bigger engines under the hood and more horsepower, while the interior was revamped to be not only prettier, but also safer.

Second Generation (1974–1978)

In the wake of an oil crisis, Ford made an executive decision to make the second generation smaller and more fuel efficient, which could successfully compete against import cars such as Toyota Celica. However, due to the additional equipment required by the new emissions and safety regulations in the US, Mustang II was actually heavier, saw a huge drop of horsepower and consequently performed worse, which is why consumers didn’t really perceive it as a muscle car.

Third generation (1979–1993)

The third generation of Mustangs was made to be much longer, allowing for additional space that could comfortably accommodate more passengers. Body styles included a coupé, hatchback and convertible. Depending on the year, the front style varied as well, with different headlights and an angled front clip. The sales, however, were dwindling due to increasing fuel prices. This led to the development of the new generation based on Mazda MX-6.

Fourth Generation (1994–2004)

1994 brought Mustang’s first major redesign in nearly 15 years and the discontinuation of hatchback coupé models. Larger wheel arches, sharper contours and creases within the body work made Mustang look more snazzy, aggressive and sleek. This was the first generation to be sold in Australia, as direct competition to the Pontiac GTO.

Fifth Generation (2005–2014)

Retro-futurism, as Ford’s Senior VP of Design called it, is the staple of this generation of Mustangs. The base model featured a 210 HP cast-iron block 4.0 L V6 engine and The GT added an aluminum block with a 4.6 L V8 engine with variable camshaft timing. The exterior was dedicated to significantly reducing the drag coefficient and sported sequential LED taillights, new dampers, improved spring rates, traction and control systems.

Sixth Generation (2015-present)

Ford Mustang — the pride of our fleet Launched worldwide in 2015, the latest generation boasted a widened and lowered body, a new color selection and a trapezoidal grill, as well as an independent rear suspension system and a right-hand drive version to be sold in Australia and UK. It also has a 5-star crash protection rating from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). You can choose between a 2.3 L EcoBoost four-cylinder, 3.7 L 300 HP V6 and the 5.0 L Coyote 435HP V8 in 6-speed automatic and manual transmissions. We are now anxiously awaiting the 2018 model, to be released in late 2017 in North America and in 2018 worldwide!

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