DOs and DONTs of Car Rental

DOs and DONTs of Car Rental

Many travelers these days travel using car rental, especially when on business trips. However, only a few of them ask themselves how do they know if they’re getting the best service and rates, considering all of the available car rental options. In this article we’ll try to help travelers prepare for their next trip with advices what to do and what not to do when issuing a car rental.

DO use small and independent car rental companies

Like in any other industry, the majority of the car rental market is dominated by large car rental companies. However, only a few travelers realize that those companies are generally and basically more expensive than some smaller and mostly independent companies. So, DO rent a car from some smaller and “harder to find” company because in that way you will get the same (or even better) service and vehicle for a smaller price.

DO choose the vehicle that fits you best

The most important thing when using a car rental company’s services is how to choose the right vehicle. Of course, if you are traveling with your co-workers, family or friends, it’s obvious that you will need bigger car or SUV. On the other hand, if you travel alone, it’s better to save your money on gas and rental rates by using the smallest available car model. Also, if you don’t know how to drive a stick shift, make sure you book a car with automatic transmission, because, in many countries the manual transmission is the default one!

DO determine one driver and examine the car before signing any papers

It is best to designate one driver before using a car rental. Why? The answer to that is very easy: many car rental companies include additional fees for the second driver, so if you travel with a friend or co-worker it’s best for both of you to make a deal who will drive the car and, with that, to save your money. It is most cost-efficient to have only one driver and if you can, definitely do that. Also, it’s very important for you to give the car you want to rent a pre-rental inspection, take notes, photos and inspect everything so you won’t have to pay for any damages that might have occurred before you rented it. Otherwise the car rental company could charge you for a damage you’re not responsible for.

DON’T overlook insurance

The insurance is one of the most important elements when renting a car. You should pay attention to them and do your best not to overlook any. Every car rental company has their own insurance policy and you have to read everything about it before purchase. Read everything, ask about your rights and insurances, call your insurance agency and as you can see from this paragraph – do whatever it takes to be sure you didn’t overlook insurance.

DON’T wait until last second to book a car rental

To do things in final minutes is always stressful and unpleasant. This is the case with booking car rental as well. When you know you are going to travel somewhere, it’s best to book a rental vehicle instantly and not to wait until last minute – like you do with buying a plane ticket or booking accommodation abroad. It is advisable to reserve your car at least a week in advance. By doing that you will be more flexible and comfortable, while you will most likely get the car you want and the whole process will be much cheaper for you in that way.

DON’T forget to ask about fees and to pack an emergency safety kit

As much as you have to be careful with insurances, you have to be vigilant as well when it comes to agency’s or car rental companies’ fees. Always be aware of everything, read all the terms and conditions when booking on-line, call the car rental company and ask about restrictions and everything you want to know and make sure you know everything about your car rental before you confirm your reservation. Also, always pack your emergency ‘mini’ road safety kit because accidents happen and they can happen to anyone, no matter how good a driver you are. Always be aware of the one good proverb: “Health is everything and everything without health is nothing”.

Paul Walia
General Manager