Cheap but long term car rental for students

Cheap but long term car rental for students

If you are a student who loves to travel and visit new places, the car rental is infallible for you. To use a rent-a-car while traveling is definitely the cheapest and the most economical way to travel. Therefore, hear what are your options for car rental and how to have a long, cheap and exciting trip!

Like any other student anywhere in the world, it’s very probable that you don’t have money to waste. Also, like any other student in the world, it’s very possible that you like to travel, especially to have long trips and to visit as many sights, cities and countries as possible. So, how to combine these two factors? How to have long term travels for the least amount of money?

The answer is simple: by using rent-a-car vehicles!

These days, the best possible way to travel long term, but cheap at the same time, is by using car rental companies’ services. If you are a student or a young man/woman who likes to have a long journey and see as much as possible, rent-a-car is a perfect solution for your money problems. Here’s why.

Car rental companies often offer discounts or even gifts for young people, students, or travelers, especially if they travel long term. Of course, it is more expensive to travel and rent a car for long term than for only few days or a week, however, the use of a rent-a-car on a long term is much cheaper than to travel by plane, train, ship or a cruiser.

Moreover, it is more economical to travel by car through cities and countries than using the public transportation, which is often very expensive. Not to mention arguments such as personal comfort in your car, not depending on other people, having stops whenever you want and doing whatever you want with your rented vehicle.

Furthermore, long term car rentals operate in such a way that you can reduce the price for a vehicle if you are a good negotiator. So, if you want and if you really try hard, you can get your rent-a-car vehicle at a lower price than it’s written at the car rental company.

In addition, we at the Express Rent a Cheap Car have many benefits for students, foreign travelers and international students who want to travel, such as free mileage, all the insurances included in the price, no surcharge over the age of 21, free maps and gifts etc. We are also very flexible regarding long term car rental arrangements, especially for students, so feel free to contact us if you want to travel long term for a very small amount of money – and if you are a student, of course.

Paul Walia
General Manager