Car Rental Tips for Foreign Students & Travelers

Car Rental Tips for Foreign Students & Travelers

These days, it’s very easy to rent a car in the USA, wherever you are, even if you are a foreign citizen. The laws and regulations are almost the same for US states, and they are not overly complicated. But, the local laws have to be respected, so here are some useful instructions for renting a car in California for non-US citizens.

Rent-a-car for non US citizens

A lot of people choose car rental these days, when they are on a trip through America. Local driving laws are easy to follow,but the question is — what are the requirements for non US citizens?

The International Driving Permit

It’s not necessary to have one and you can rent a car with your home country drivers license. The International Driving Permit is a document, i.e. an identity document and a proof that you are licensed to drive a car outside your own country. IDP is about the size of a passport, with which you can drive a motor vehicle in almost every corner of the world. Of course, it will help if you have a driving license from your home country to get an IDP.

Rent A Car Insurance

California Law requires that you have Liability insurance for the rental car, but regardless of the state you’re renting in, you should have Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Coverage. Some car rental companies (like Express Rent a Cheap Car San Diego) can give you a package deal which would include both kind coverages in case of any accident while you’re driving a rental. The ‘catch’ here is that the cost is usually significantly higher if you’re getting these insurances yourself from an insurance company.

Credit Cards and Cash Deposits

Most of the car rental companies all over the world (even in cities like London and Beijing) require you to have a credit card in order to rent a car. The credit card must be in the name of the renter, whereas additional drivers do not need a credit card to drive the rented car. Some rent a car companies accept both credit and debit cards, and a few offer renting without a credit card, but they will ask you to make a cash deposit in addition to the rental amount (which is refundable upon returning the car).

Age to rent a car

Most of the car rental companies in US will only let you rent a car if you’re at least 25 years of age. There are some rental companies that will rent if you’re under 25, but most of them will have to charge an underage surchargelike. However, what’s great at Express Rent a Cheap Car San Diego is that there’s a special package tailord for foreign students where there’s no surcharge for students over the age of 21, along with other special benefits which you can check out at Express Rent a Cheap Car web site.

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