Rent A Car San Diego

Rent A Car San Diego

San Diego is a major city in California (eighth largest city in the US) and one of the most beautiful American cities, making it very attractive for tourists. However, to see all its beauty, one must have good means of transportation. Because of the city’s size, and considering the local public transportation system, we suggest renting a car. Here’s why.

San Diego, having a lot of airports (International Airport, Brown Field and Montgomery Field, to name a few) offers a great diversity of transportation services. You can use Taxi cab services, public transportation, go on foot or riding a bicycle, but the most economical and convenient is to rent a car…

All Cars can be rented Daily, Weekly, Monthly or on Long Term basis.

You may ask yourselves: why would a rent-a-car service be the best means of transportation in San Diego? Ok, allow me to explain in a bit more details than just saying “high quality and lowest rates”! Using local public transportation system in San Diego can consume a lot of time to get from one place to another, and not to mention the fact that public buses end their daily routes way before midnight (a few of the lines stop early evening and other places reduce their service gap to a longer period). Local transportation system can also be very complicated to understand, especially if you have to connect from one line to another. On the other hand, Taxi cabs tend to be very expensive.

Rent-A-Car San Diego California can be a life saver.

Rent-A-Car in San Diego offers low rates and it is conveniently located near San Diego International Airport (SAN) a.k.a. Lindbergh Field. San Diego Downtown is within walking distance from the airport and there are many Rent-A-Car Companies, some of which offer free shuttle to and from the airport. Furthermore, Rent-A-Car rents great cars at great prices and they offer awesome package deals to foreign students and foreign travelers. These are discounted packages that also include free miles, free shuttle service, Collision Damage Waiver ( CDW ) Included, Liability Insurance Included, Sale Tax Included and NO Surcharge Over the age of 21 years. Payment can be in cash or credit cards, and you get GPS navigation and local maps for free! You can also be surprised with a free gift! However, that’s not everything… Besides the benefit of having your own car that can be driven by you or your co-travelers, you get the added luxury of going anywhere, anytime, at your convenience.

We have a multi-lingual staff that is here to assist you at all times, so we can guarantee that you will have a top notch experience.

Paul Walia
General Manager