Rent-a-car for students

Rent-a-car for students

Students also belong in the category of people who like to often use car rental services. Rent-a-car is very popular among them, and it is an especially attractive option for students who like to travel a lot. Therefore, there have to be some benefits and discounts for them, because they often have to tightly manage the money at their disposal

When speaking about students and their benefits in car rental industry, there’s a lot of discounts available for them. Whether the students are US or non US citizens, something is always free for them or included in some discount, so they can easily rent a car and have more fun in their travels!

So, here are some discounts and free stuff that car rental companies have for the students:

  • Free Mileage
  • Free Shuttle
  • CDW Included in Price
  • Liability Insurance included in Price
  • Sales Tax included in Price
  • No Surcharge over the age of 21
  • Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Cash Accepted
  • Free local maps
  • Multi-lingual staff as assistance
  • Cars available for sale

And many more…

Also, you can even get a free gift from the car rental company, while you probably won’t need the 10th benefit from the above list. Furthermore, students will always get a lower price for renting a car, even for a long term rent. Sometimes you will need a parental consent signed, while you always have to be over 18, and sometimes 21, years of age. Mostly, though, car rental companies give discounts to all young drivers, i.e. students between 18 and 25 years of age. Also, you need to have proof that you are a student, especially if you are a foreign one, and here is where we can ask the question:

How to rent a car if I’m a student?

Well, it’s not as hard as you might think. You can rent a car with all students’ discounts and benefits if you have a proof that you indeed are a student – in the US or in some other country. Most car rental companies just need your student index, or some other document that proves your student’s status. Also, you have to have a drivers license(obviously), to drive a car, while some companies will be even more helpful. For foreign students, they will help you get a temporary driving permit valid in every part of the United States, not just in San Diego or California! Of course, all insurances have to be there, but that’s also something car rental companies will help you with! Cool, ain’t it?

Where can a student rent a car?

The answer for this question is also very simple: Almost everywhere. All or most car rental companies have their offices at airports and in the city, so you, as a student, can easily rent a car in every office available – whether you are US or foreign student! To conclude all of this, it must be said that there is no such a problem to rent a car if you are a student. You just need to prove it, and have a driver’s license, and the whole new world opens for you.

Like every other citizen of the world, you can rent a car and what is best in the whole story – you will have discounts and benefits no other people can get! We have the cheapest car rental rates for students so do not hesitate to check out our offer and contact us.

Paul Walia
General Manager